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Matt Knickrehm




Idaho’s Top High-End Custom Home Builders -


Jim Larkin & Matt Knickrehm are Idaho natives who both started framing houses together while in high school. After college Jim founded one of Idaho’s premier framing contractor companies and Matt worked as VP of a chemical corporation. In 2000, Jim and Matt joined forces again to build some apartments near BSU as an investment. A few years later they formed Paradigm Construction and began building high-end custom houses full time. Today Paradigm is one of Idaho’s top high-end custom home builders. Paradigm contributes their success to hard work, uncompromising ethics, and an unmatched commitment to quality and client satisfaction.


Paradigm Construction Company has set the new standard for quality construction by being committed to and involved in all aspects of construction. Our hands-on approach to building gives our clients peace of mind knowing that one of our principals is at every job every day during construction so nothing is left unsupervised.


We have built strong partnerships with some of the best subcontractors and suppliers in the Treasure Valley. By using the same contractors on each job and by treating these subcontractors and suppliers as long term business partners, we achieve a team committed to quality and service on every Paradigm Construction project.

From the design process to the materials selections, we make it easy and enjoyable to build your dream home.

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